• Tenby 1940 – the true story published in Militaria Belgica 2021

    Tenby May 1940 – Much has been written about the way in which General van Strydonck de Burkel in Temby (GB) began to reorganize the Belgian armed forces. From 28 May 1940, the very day of the Belgian capitulation, he set up a Belgian Military Regrouping Camp there. The ultimate goal was to have the Belgians take part in the liberation of 1944-45 on the side of the victors. Some argued that the retired general was in England merely by chance… to buy horses. The image of the general, who brilliantly led Burkel’s cavalry charge in 1918, did indeed lend itself to this legend of the “Generaal Koopman”. In this…

  • Victor van Strydonck de Burkel, Biographical note and Log book 1940-1944

    Biographical note – The biographical note by Hans Rombaut, historian at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts and the logbook kept from 10 May 1940 until the time of the liberation make it possible to discover the personality and constant action of the commander of the Charge of Burkel (19 October 1918) and of the first commander of the Belgian army in Great Britain during the World War II. Victor van Strydonck de Burkel, Biographical note and Log book 1940-1944 2° edition ISBN : 978-2-8052-0605-4 Responsible editor: Charles-Albert Houtart Read the article

  • 75 jaar geleden: Belgische militairen nemen als Brigade Piron deel aan de bevrijding van België en Nederland

    Brigade Piron –  On August 17, 1944, the Brigade Piron liberates the Normandy coastal town of Franceville. It is the first time that a Belgian military unit has been deployed since the beginning of the Second World War. The Brigade Piron takes part in the liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands. Google translation from the original Dutch version vrt NwsDossier Van D-Day Tot V-Dayza 17 aug 2019 – 07:58Original article in Dutch.Autor: Rob Troubleyn Read the article Original article