Tenby and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History

Here is where items related to the history of the Belgian Forces in Great Britain can be found in the museum.

Royal Museum of the Armed Forces
Parc du Cinquantenaire 3
1000 Brussels

Bordiau Hall, 2nd floor, end of the building

  • 3 display cases and 1 decoration
  • Belgians in GB (all 3 weapons), war correspondents, decorations of General van Strijdonck, diorama “Belgian infantry in training”
Bordiau Hall, 1st floor (under the preceding space)
  • General Piron’s window
Aviation, Great Hall of Air and Space, back room on the left
  • Anglo-Belgian aviation, display cases and panels with pilots, photos (rather old presentation)
Marine, Great Hall of Air and Space, along the gallery, under the mezzanine, part 1 from the main entrance, on the left
  • 4 showcases, cannons, firing station, models
1 – Arms and armours
2 – Historic gallery
3 – Technical gallery
4 – Napoleon’s era
5 – 1914-1918
6 – Russian gallery
7 – 1919-1945
8 – Tanks

9 – Navy
10 – Air and Space
11 – Antartica